24-aastane sakslane pidi täna algselt võitlema norraka Kenneth Bergiga, kes aga vahetus Jorge Gonzaleze vastu. Lõpuks jäi ka see ära, sest Gonzales sai vigastada, vahendab portaal MMAfighting.com.

Sakslase lepingu lõpetamise põhjuseks toodi välja tema tugev seos neonaotsistliku organisatsiooniga. Tuli välja, et Feucht osales 2016. aasta jaanuaris Leipzigis toimunud rahutustes, kus kasutati lõhkeaineid ja pisargaasi. Noor sakslane oli üks 215 arreteeritust.

Ta kuulus ka organisatsiooni Runter von der Matte, mis kirjeldab ennast kui neonatsistlik ühing. Selle täiskoosseis koos Feuchtiga arreteeriti eelnenud rahutustest kolm kuud hiljem, kuid nad ründasid Saksamaal jalgpallifänne.

Viie päeva eest avaldas Feucht oma sotsiaalmeedias pika postituse, kus ta palus, et teda ei mõistetaks hukka minevikus korda saadetud tegude tõttu.

Tema sõnul on ta muutunud mees, kes isaks saades kolis 2018. aastal Rootsi.

“Mind teeb kurvaks, et 19-aastasena tehtud teod jälitavad mind terve elu,” kirjutas Feucht.

“Ma tahan selgitada, et ma pole kunagi olnud äärmuslike poliitiliste vaadetega, aga ma olin noor ja loll teismeline,” selgitas mees.

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There was a time in my life when I wasn’t the focused athlete and dad that I am now. Yes, I did things in my past that I am not proud of. I was a fanatic football fan and I kicked over the traces. But there were moments that have led me to reconsider who I wanted to be in life. At the beginning of 2018, I received the biggest gift that can happen to any human being when my son Arthur was born. I felt what it was like to have responsibility for another tiny human. I realized that if not before, now was the time that I had to turn my life around by 180 degrees. I want a good future for my son and our family. This was the time I also started training at Allstars in Sweden. It is a big international gym with athletes from every nationality and walk of life. My friend and coach Selman Berisha saw something with me and picked me to become one of UFC contender Alex Gustafsson’s main training partners. Through my development as an athlete, I qualified first for the Contender Series and now I’ve been given the opportunity to be part of this unique UFC Fight Island experience. What makes me sad is that it is because of things I did when I was 19 years old that I should lose the dream of my life even though I have long moved on from what was in the past. I clearly would like to state that I never had any extreme political opinion, but I was a teenager who was young and dumb. Now, I have an Arabic Muslim family member that I am very close with and I train with people from all religions and walks of life. I have an international coaching staff made of Albanians, Brazilians, Russians and Swedes. There is just one thing that I’m asking for: Please don’t judge me based on things that happened almost five years ago. I was immature and hanging with the wrong crowd. Please see what I have sacrificed to make it here. Please see the man I have become. I discovered Martial Arts and that has saved my life. The sport has led me onto the right path. I want nothing more than becoming a role model for young kids who have had to go through the same that I did. @danawhite @mickmaynard2 @ufc @ufceurope #ufc #ufceurope

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